An Appeal to ParentsA guide to parents

The Class Leader should understand his responsibility as a leader and act accordingly. He should take the attendance before the beginning of every class and take the signature of the teacher in it.

The parents are requested to extend their best of co-operation by giving their attention to aspects such as students’ character, discipline, uniform, things required for the classes, and also to ensure that the students don’t take leave frequently. They are also requested to send their children to special classes that are aimed at developing their academic performance.

The parents can meet the Head Master and take clarifications for all their doubts with regard to various programmes that are being organized in the school.

The parents are the first teachers of the children. The children are smart and intelligent and parents should respond and clarify patiently whenever they come up with any doubt.

Please don’t force the children to study all the time and they should be given adequate time for some entertainment too to refresh their minds.

The parents should make the students to realize that studying is a matter of joy. The children are not to be forced to read only the text books or the lessons and the knowledge of different fields and skill development are also equally very important.

Please don’t pamper the children to the extent it affects their character and personality development, which will turn out to be deterrents to their academic development.

The children should be trained to take of their personal chores by themselves right from the early years.

Please don’t compare your children with the other children as it will pave way for the culmination of inferior complex in the minds of children

Please appreciate the children’s victories and achievements and this open and loud appreciation will shape them ‘Very Smart’ in education.