Character Traits of V.S. Boys Hr. School student..

At Home….
  • I respect my parents and elders
  • I extend all the possible help to my parents
  • I will earn and save money for my parents
  • I will not hide anything from my parents
  • I will share the instances that take place in the school or in the classroom with my parents
  • I will complete the home work at home only
  • I will be respectful and affectionate to my parents.
At the School…
  • I will wear clean uniform and come to school
  • I will be there in the school before the first bell rings at 9.25 am
  • I will crop my hair properly and clip my nails and be clean all the time
  • I will speak to fellow students and the teachers compassionately
  • I will respect my teachers and be obedient to them
  • I will not bring expensive things, mobile phone, gold chain, ring etc., to the school
  • I will avoid scribbling or sketching on the walls, benches, textbooks, diaries etc.,
  • I will park my cycle locked in the allotted place in line
  • I will give full concentration when the teacher is taking class.
  • I will give full devotion to exercises given in the school for my development
  • I will pay my school fees well ahead of time
  • I will avoid tying fancy strings on to my wrist, and also avoid fancy haircut.
  • I will not degrade myself wearing short shirts, transparent that reveal undergarment below the waist, and tight shirts.
  • I will protect the trees and shrubs in the school passionately
  • I will speak to my teacher or student counsellor in case of disturbing instances either at home or in the class and find an appropriate solution to the given problem.
In the Class room…
  • I will regard the classroom as a sacred place as I learn there
  • I will be in the classroom before the first bell rings at 9.25 am
  • I will avoid talking, joking, playing and fighting etc., when the teacher is not there in the class
  • I will handle things in the classroom responsibly.
  • I will not scribble on the classroom walls or shred the paper
  • I will throw the dust only in the bin and will not litter the floor
  • I will not take lunch in the classroom
  • I will involve myself completely before the beginning and after the class is over.
During Recess…
  • I will go out silently and come back on time during recess both in the morning and in the evening
  • I will urinate only in the lavatory
  • I will not indulge in indecent acts such as running here and there during recess
  • I will be in the classroom and wait for the teacher once bell rings after the recess.
During Lunch break….
  • I will have lunch only in the place allotted for lunch
  • I will not have lunch in the classroom and litter it.
  • I will throw leftovers in the dust bin after the lunch
  • I will not waste the food
  • I will bring lunch only in utensils like carrier and lunch box
  • I will wash the utensils after the lunch
  • I will not play either in the auditorium or in the playground during lunch break
  • I will never waste water
School Campus…
  • I will never play running here and there
  • I will not be walking here and there during the time for classes
  • I will throw unwanted things in the dust bin to upkeep the cleanliness in the campus
  • I will walk quietly in the line while going to labs or some other classrooms.
In the Play Ground
  • I will go quietly in the line to the playground
  • I will go to the playground only during PT periods and in the evening
  • I will not indulge in-disciplined acts such as shouting or fighting with other students in the playground
  • I will wear vest and shirt while going to the playground
With Fellow Students…
  • I will develop a good relationship with the other students in the class
  • I will talk very pleasantly with fellow students
  • I will not develop caste, religion and place related discriminations
  • I will keep up friendly relationship without criticizing or insulting anyone.
  • I will extend the possible financial help to the financially weaker students.
  • I will not indulge in robbing or damaging the things that belong to fellow students.
Personal Management
  • I will have oil bath every day and come to school in clean uniform
  • I will avoid growing hair like actors and avoid wearing indecent clothes
  • I will not keep any relationship with anti-social elements
  • I will not keep or see adult films, or use betel nut, tobacco, drugs or liquor etc.,
  • I will not indulge in any activity that will bring disrepute to my self-respect and dignity
  • I will become a good leader tomorrow
  • I will demonstrate that I am a disciplined student of V.S Boys Hr.Sec.School
  • I will always uphold my dignity
  • I will have friendly, compassionate, sincere friendship with everyone
  • I will not use devices of superior technology like mobile, internet etc., only for the development of knowledge.
  • I will show interest in thought provoking books and in daily news
  • I will not indulge in in disciplined acts such as criticizing anyone or stand by the road or stand in the shops.
  • I will give my seat to senior citizens, patients and women while travelling in the bus or train
  • I will not do anything that will pollute land, air and water
  • I will involve myself in environmental activities
  • I will extend all the help possible to the poor.
  • I will conduct myself in a way that will bring honour to my parents and the school.