Good Samaritan programmesA helpful person

150 students serve in the National Scout movement that preach the spirit of patriotism.Started NCC in 1957 and 100 students are enrolled and benefited every year.50 students serve NSS, that promotes the spirit of selfless social service.

The Youth Red Cross Society, that promote Healthcare, social service and peace harmony function very effectively in the school.

National Green Corps, which can convert even a desert in to oasis also function effectively in the school.

Science Club to develop scientific research and inventory spirit, Consumer forum, Interact Cub etc., too function very effectively in the school.

Postal Recurring Deposit and Savings Schemes etc., are made available in the school to inculcate the saving habit among the students at young age.

Parents – Teachers association serve as a good link between them for worthwhile causes and the association also offer varied prize schemes to encourage the students.

The Literary Club brings out many programmes to develop the drama, essay, music and oratory skills among the students, the future generation.